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i like green tea, and i like the green tea coalition. i'm going to be voting you on with the big vote this week. debbie dooley, byron dorgan. pleasure to have you here. that is all in for this evening, the rachel maddow show starts right now. good evening, rachel. >> i would pay good money, hard, cold cash to see you and debbie doolly take that show on the road. your conversation with her was spectacular. >> ien cot agree more. >> amazing. thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. the washington post leads today with a scoop that is the biggest development yet in the scandal that envelopes a man who the republican party nearly chose to be their party's nominee for vice president just this past year, the washington post reporting on its front page today on another $120,000 in loot, just in plain cash, that virginia governor bob mcdonnell has seen fit to pocket during his time as governor. this brings over $140,000, the
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tally of undisclosed cash that the governor and his family accepted from the ceo of a troubled virginia company that's now under federal securities investigation. the very same day that this ceo handed over a $15,000 check to cover catering costs at the mcdonald's daughter's wedding. the ceo also handed over a check for $50,000 that was just made out to the first lady, maureen mcdonnell personally. then when another mcdonnell daughter was getting married, cough it up again, big guy. written out to the eldest mcdonnell daughter. that's how you have to do it if you want it to not turn up on the governor's financial disclosures, if you give it to
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him he's supposed to disclose it, if you give it to the wife and kids, maybe we can get away with this, at least for a while. but wait, there's more. yet another $50,000 check and then another $20,000 check beyond that that actually do go to governor bob himself except they go to him by means of a corporate entity that he and his sister set up to pay the mortgages on their beach houses in virginia beach. those loans don't have to get reported either, since a corporate entity functions like a family member. in terms of it insulating you from having to report it. $120,000 in cash. who knows what else is going to turn up. since it seems like every day brings something new. the tally so far, in terms of what virginia governor has taken from this company since he has been governor, now includes a check for $15,000 made out to
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that company that indicatored the governor's daughter's wedding, a rolex watch, purchased by the ceo and give tonight governor. the governor told reporters it was a gift from his wife. a oscar de la renta suede jacket. a louis vuitton handbag, also given to the governor's wife. two pairs of designer shoes, a designer dress, a lakefront home vacation given to the mcdonnell family. thousands of dollars in trips on a private jet give tonight governor. a loan of the $190,000 white ferrari for the governor to drive. and now a check for $50,000 made out to a corporate entity owned by the governor and his sister. and another check made out to the same corporate entity. and a check for $50,000 made out to the governor's wife, and a check for $10,000 made out to one of the governor's daughters.
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different daughter than got the $15,000 check for catering. he's taken for himself and family from one specific company since he has been governor. a company that it turns out the governor also took numerous official actions to assist. the governor is denying that, but i don't see how long he can keep this up. >> in the particular case of mr. williams, that company has received no state grants, no board appointments, they've really -- they've received nothing. >> nothing? nothing except a launch party for the magic tobacco pill that's made by the ceo's company, a launch party held at
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the governor's mansion and hosted by the governor and the first lady. they still have the press release up on their website, bragging about how their product launch was being held at the virginia's governor mansion today. they got that. and they got the first lady of virginia touting the benefits of the magic tobacco pill at multiple events both inside virginia and outside virginia. traveling around the country helping tout the benefits of the company's product and they got a top level meeting with virginia state health officials for the magic tobacco pill company ceo. where he was able to pitch his idea of his magic pills benefits to the state. and they also got another meeting with the state secretary of health, a meeting with the cabinet secretary that was set up either by the governor's office directly or by the governor's wife. and that seemingly would never have happened without the governor or the first lady intervening to make that meeting happen, since the health
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secretary says himself the magic tobacco pill was not ready for prime time. but, yeah, governor mcdonnell, other than the one on one meeting with the cabinet secretary and this picture of you as virginia governor and your wife traveling around the country, yeah, other than that -- >> they've really, they've received nothing. >> other than that, really nothing. bob mcdonnell maintains the company got nothing in value in exchange for the more than $140,000 in cash plus all the other gifts that this company has given him and his family since he has been governor of the state of virginia. if the company did get things of value from the governor, and it can be proven that these things were given in exchange for all the money and gifts the company gave to the governor and his family, then the governor will go to federal prison for violations of the hobbs act which is what prohibits that kind of official corruption even at the state level.
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and that is one half of what's wrong right now for virginia governor bob mcdonnell. there's also the other category of things the governor took for himself and his family and charged to virginia taxpayers. allegations of him charging things on the state credit card or asking state employees to do personal business or straight up the mcdonnell family just lifting stuff from the governor's mansion and taking it away for the mcdonnell family's personal use. even after state officials intervened and told the governor this was improper and the state's taxpayers should not be paying for their personal expenses he kept doing it. sales receipts released by the state indicate they went on to bill taxpayers for myriad medicine cabinet products. vitamins and the body wash that officials already told the governor should not be billed to the taxpayers. then when they started to publish the list of things the governor had taken for himself, the body wash, the dog vitamins, governor mcdonnell denounced the washington post for having
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published false charges. and then after he said it was false, he changed tact and said, maybe the list is not false, but it's fine for him to take all that stuff. the thousands of dollars charged to the governor's mansion credit card that never came to the governor's mansion at all. those thousands of dollars the lawyer for governor mcdonnell said were just like, the cold meat ball sandwich that his own mother used to pack for him when he went back to college. every family treats their kids like that, the first family should not be treated any differently. that was the argument. first the governor said it was false that he had ever taken
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that stuff, then he said it was fine, it was just like a cold meat ball sandwich, he just thought it was part of his salary, or at least it ought to be. and then he relented and finally decided yes, i guess he would pay back the state for some of that stuff. on friday of the july 4th long holiday weekend the governor kui quietly paid for some of the stuff he first denied existed and shouldn't have to pay for. you can look at the list. gatorade, laundry detergent, cold cuts, energy shakes, toilet paper, body wash, and other items purchased with the mansion credit card and sent off to school with the mcdonnell children. that is in addition to the ferrari and the $145,000 in cash, and the $6,000 rolex and
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the oscar de la renta suede jacket and all the rest that he's taken. nice haul, right? as governor, bob mcdonnell gets paid $175,000 as his real salary. he doesn't the have to take it from anybody, it's paid to him officially. and he gets a free place to live. now there's a new twist in all this, when governor mcdonnell first got elected it was not a surprise that a republican won the virginia governorship. i mean, virginia has been trending blue in presidential election years, but when virginia holds its statewide races in odd off years it ends
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up being a lower turnout affair, and lower turnout elections often tend to benefit republicans. it's not crazy a republican won. what was unusual about bob mcdonnell getting elected, it was the fact that the republicans picked him. that the republicans had picked somebody so very deeply conservative for a statewide virginia job like that. i mean, he had been a leading anti-abortion crusader his whole time in the legislature, he had done an adult masters degree at the pat robertson televangelist college, how public policy should be used to punish homosexuals, fornicators and adulterers. it was a real statement for the state to put this guy up for governor after the state voted for barack obama for president. the ideological saving grace for bob mcdonnell has turned out to be a man who he ran with that year when he first got elected.
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bob mcdonnell does not want to be seen as the new jesse helms, the new rick santorum, the new alma matter, pat robertson. i mean, he wanted to govern in that vain, the forced ultrasound bill and the bill that would close the state's abortion clinics. he wanted to honor the brave confederate fighters in virginia. he wanted to govern that way, but he's not wanted to be seen that way. and the bright shiny distraction that's made bob mcdonnell not seem that way, not seem as out there as he is and always has been, is the states attorney general who got elected alongside bob mcdonnell. ken kuchenelli, known as the kuch. dogged the attorney general at his public appearances to try to draw attention to whatever new
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radical thing the cooch is doing now. he wrote to state universities as soon as he and bob mcdonnell took office to tell state schools that they had to resinned their nondiscrimination policies that included sexual orientation. he told the state schools of virginia, you're not allowed to ban discrimination against gay people by order of the state. he's the guy who changed the state seal to cover up the terrible nakedness of the statue of virtue, which thomas jefferson had first seen felt to design for the state seal. virginia universities trying toer if et out evil climate research they may be doing as signists. when the virginia state board of health declined to go along in their effort to issue new regulations that would shut down abortion clinics in the state, it was ken cuccinelli who said he as attorney general would cease to provide any defense to them for any of their official actions.
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they would need to take on the legal expenses of the virginia board of health out of their own pockets if they didn't go along with him and what he wanted to do to the clinics. bob mcdonnell is a whole new ball of wax for purple state virginia. but ken cuccinelli is a globe full of wax like indiana jones in a cave sprinting for his life. as he fights for his life in his overlapping corruption scandals to be the kind of guy who may be able to hook you up for your launch party, if you could hook him up with a ride in the ferrari and a new rolex. as governor ultrasound now frantically treads water. it turns out that ken cuccinelli
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is being called to answer for his own role in the same scandals. the company that gave the rolex and the white ferrari was also busy giving gifts to ken cuccinelli. one of the damning things about the mountain of cash and prizes given to this company by bob mcdonnell, is that he didn't disclose them. he claimed they were gifts to his family and not to him, or he claimed that he forgot they were presents. did you enjoy your trip to the ncaa final four, mr. governor? yes. how did you get there many private plane, it was awesome. who's private plane? the guy from the magic tobacco pill's company, his plane. i guess that's a gift. i have to disclose it now. same deal with ken cuccinelli. who only revealed his trips to the lake home once the scandal broke publicly. the particular case of mr. williams and star scientific, that company has received no
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state benefits, no targeted money out of the budget, no board appointments, they've received nothing. one...
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of the leading ordinary brand. ♪ i got it! [ mom ] use less with the small but powerful picker upper. bounty select-a-size. and try bounty napkins. the particular case of mr. williams and star scientific, that company has received no state benefits, no targeted money out of the budget, no board appointments, they've received nothing.
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>> despite headlines now, you still plan to remain as governor until the end -- >> i don't know where these things come. the press accounts have been completely out of control. about rumors, about resignations, so forth. i'm thoroughly enjoying and being incredibly productive i think with my team as governor of virginia. we have an awful lot of things that we do. >> bob mcdonald of virginia said that yesterday, what i believe is his last interview, before the story broke $120,000 in cash payments that were made to the governor and his family, by the ceo of a troubled virginia company. joining us now is a democrat who represents arlington, parts of fairfax and louden county, called for the resignation of governor mcdonald. thank you for being with us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> why do you think that the governor should resign now, a federal investigation and a
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state investigation are now underway into these corruption allegations, why do you think he should not wait for the results of those investigations? >> well, my view is, the governor has acted far beyond a reasonable parameter of ethical behavior. if you just look at the fact pattern, it's hard to imagine that a company that did not make huge contributions at star scientific would ever get the governor and the first lady to host a launch party for their diet supplement pills, the governor and the first lady. the first lady primarily went around the state promoting products from star scientific, and they basically have had this sort of hand in glove relationship. i am convinced that a corporation or a donor does not contribute $145,000 and not expect something in return.
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and i can say and as you pointed out earlier on your show, there certainly have been examples of how this company has benefited from their relationship with the governor that's just not what virginia ans respect, it's not what virginia ans deserve. we have a history of a clean government. we want a state government that runs on transparency, we want a government that operates in an efficient manner in a way where companies are not given special treatment, simply because they write checks to the governor's campaign. >> on the issue of whether or not they have received special treatment. the governor has been specific in saying what this company did not get.
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he says no state benefits. no economic development grants. no targeted money out of the budget. and no board appointments. and he extrapolates from that to say nothing. we know a number of things that this company did get, though. the launch party, the first lady traveling around the country taughting the benefits of the pills. the first lady or the governor's office intervene. from what you know of the way business is done in virginia, are those kinds of things that we know this company got, the kinds of things that lots of companies get and is a standard helping hand to business that the governor may get anybody even if they weren't loaning them their ferrari. >> i think you hit the nail on the head. i can't think of another dietary supplement company that got the level of attention that star scientific received. i can't think of another company where the first lady personally went out and marketed their products. and i believe that marketing efforts, especially when you're talking about the head of a
1:24 am
state or the first lady are of value, and any business person would tell you, they have to dedicate a certain amount of money to their marketing budget. and it is important to get their product out on the market and it's important to have a known spokesperson. that's why companies pay for politicians and sports heads and all kinds of public figures to promote their product, because it matters. because it is of value. >> let me ask specifically about the attorney general who's obviously the republican nominee to -- for governor now, he would like to replace governor mcdonnell in the state house. one of your democratic colleagues in the senate says he will put in a freedom of information act request to try to force the attorney general to disclose more information about this company, which we know the attorney general held a lot of stock in, and received a lot of personal gifts, including some he didn't initially disclose.
1:25 am
do you feel that ken cuccinelli has disclosed his links to this scandal or do you feel there's more that ought to be known and could be pried out of him. >> i expect there's more that needs to be known. i find it fascinating that both the governor and ken cuccinelli all of a sudden after three and a half years in office are remembering gifts that they received from star scientific years ago and they just remember them within the last ten days. i find that fascinating. and just as an aside on ken cuccinelli, he had to recuse himself from defending governor mcdonnell in this whole star scientific investigation. because he, as you just mentioned, had received gifts from this company and had not reported them. i will join that effort to ask for a freedom of information act request.
1:26 am
i am a very strong believer. as many virginia ans are of having an open government and understanding how things work, and certainly recognizing where the money is -- where the money flows and who benefits from it. >> senator barbara favola of virginia, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. i should note, we've had one other virginia state senator on the show talking about this, who called not directly for the governor's resignation, but said he should disclose more. that's really it in terms of democrats in virginia who are calling for the governor's head about this. the democrats have been receipt sent to make political hay out of this, they have been watching the investigations going-forward and watching the reporting happen. the flood gates are broken, have to be. still ahead, dan rather here for the interview.
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the one and only scan rather is here for the interview tonight talking about a $34 million present that it turns out nobody wants. that's ahead.
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in southern afghanistan inle monday province, there's a two story football field sized state of the art command and control cen sister that has been built for the united states marine corps. it cost $34 million to build it has an operations center with tiered seating, a briefing theater, spacious offices, powerful chairs, air conditioning. thrivals anything that the marine corps or the whole military has back at home. it is maybe beyond even state of the art, it's the nicest thing out there.
1:34 am
1500 people can work at this bohemeth of a complex. how many work there now? zero. this brand new command and control facility sits empty, the marines did not want it, they never asked for it, and they say they do not need it and will not move in. the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction told chuck hagel in a letter released today, this is the best constructed building he has seen in all his travels to afghanistan. and he's posted admiring pictures of this nice facility on flicker, showing the theater with all its empty seats in plastic wrap. showing empty but lovely offices. i don't know what this is. is that a piano? maybe a credenza. it's a football field sized command and control facility just built that will never ever be used by u.s. troops and now according to the special
1:35 am
inspector general, it's fate is that probably it's going to be torn down. after you and i spent 34 million american taxpayer dollars to join it. jim miklaszewski spoke with the special inspector general today. >> this was designed originally for an army three-star general's headquarters, it was a very large building for that. 64,000 square feet. then we made a decision during the surge not to bring the army down to leather neck, so the marines took over. the marine corps general who ran that area, after he saw the plans, i assume said i don't want it, i don't need it, don't build it. as far as we know, the afghans don't know anything about it, they don't want it it, and they probably couldn't maintain it. if you go inside, it is beautiful. it is state of the art from the air conditioning to the electronics, the computers, beautiful chairs.
1:36 am
it's got a theater, it's got a war room. and it will probably never be used. >> your tax dollars at work. you know there is new and contested reporting this week from the new york times that the war in afghanistan might be ending harder and faster than had been previously expected. president obama might be considering zeroing out the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan and pulling them out faster than previously announced. does the $34 million headquarters that no one will work in, it will likely be demolished right after it got finished, does that affect the overall politics of the war? does it affect whether or not we're going to get americans home from that war faster than we otherwise thought we might. joining me now dan rather for the interview. thank you so much for being here. >> always a pleasure, rachel. >> there's never been a war
1:37 am
without waste, but does a humiliation like this change what people and politicians are willing to keep investing in a war. >> it could. let's see clearly. this is an outrage. it's also something at least near sacrilege to all the young men and women, american and others who shed their blood in afghanistan. this is a job for president obama. who authorized this building? whose name signed off on the cost? what company was in charge of the overall construction? what are their political connections. now, it may be that this is not a case of war profit earring, but the prima facie evidence so far is that it is just that. this kind of thing, it undermines public confidence not just in the war in afghanistan, but in the defense department,
1:38 am
and it pa lieutenants, it's toxic to a debate of the defense of the united states. this is a job for the president. one would hope that tomorrow morning, i doubt this will happen, but i hope it happens, he comes out and says, who signed off on this, what company was in charge of the overall construction, who got the contracts, how did they get the contracts, this would be about the best thing he could do in starting a real national debate about how soon can we get out of afghanistan, how soon should we get out of afghanistan. i just -- you know, i'm almost -- i can't speak about it, i feel so strongly, that this kind of thing goes on -- albeit on a smaller scale, it went on in iraq and afghanistan. >> by the billions. >> by the billions, super billions, and thank heavens to
1:39 am
the investigators who got to the bottom of this and exposed it. we have such dedicated public service. we need to know about this, we need to have transparency. >> these inspector generals who are aggressive, they'll put up the photos about it, and tell you the background about it, they are not shy about putting the stuff out there. i think you're right, these are the kind of guys that ought to get a medal for this. >> play no favorites, pull no punches, they shoot up lights on both sides of the street. >> exactly. >> it's a good thing we have. >> i know you have solid sources, and military and political spheres including in afghanistan right now, where we still have tens of thousands of americans surveying, what are you hearing about this contested reporting from the new york times that president obama is suddenly considering ending the war faster and ending it with a
1:40 am
zero troop option. no residual force left. >> when you see clearly that this option has always been around, which is to say at the end of 2014 we're out of there period. this is basically what we did in iraq, people tend to forget we had a deal in iraq for a longstanding security arrangement in iraq, where u.s. troops would stay on, it fell apart at the last minute and we went out. my own personal opinion is, i don't think this is a realistic option for president obama at the present time, and i think he knows it. i believe what the administration is trying to do, say to president karzai in iraq, have you to stop dumping all over the united states and criticizing the united states. you have to get real about what we can and should do post 2014. what the military needs and they'll tell you in a second. first of all if we're to leave some troops there, if there isn't to be a zero option, which i don't think is going to happen.
1:41 am
sometimes i'm wrong about these things. i don't think it's going to happen. the military says for whatever numbers of troops you leave, what will be the strategy, what is the mission. >> why are they there? >> why willing they be there? once that decision is made, you make that decision, then comes how many troops do we need to carry out that strategy, some say you could leave as few as 7500. others say 15,000, some say 20,000. i think the military at the moment is centered around the figure of 13 to 14,000 troops. they keep emphasizing, tell us what you want those troops to do after 2014 and then tell us what the number is, they need that decision immediately. they needed it yesterday. they're reluctant to say so publicly. that's where the military is on this. the number of diplomats. >> and the political decision
1:42 am
has to be made so that strategic decision can follow. >> karzai turned out to be something of a disaster, and i think while the add men trace is sorry, they supported him for the election -- >> any agreement he makes about keeping troops on is going to be hard to believe in for the long run, which is why i think the zero option is more viable. we all have to watch and see, dan rather anchor and managing editor of dan rather reports on access tv. something i've been working on all day today has nothing to do with the $34 million headquarters or bob mcdonnell. [ sponge ] now for the main event.
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if you subsequent just enough, if you fight over in north carolina about the republican plan to shut down the state's abortion clinics looks a lot like many of the other fights going on in texas and ohio and indiana and all these many other states that are moving on republican legislation to restrict access to abortion right now. there's one difference in north carolina that makes the fight there unlike the fight in the other states. the one not so slight difference in north carolina, is that the republican governor of that state made a campaign promise last fall that he would not sinai new abortion restrictions into law if he were elected governor. and he was elected governor. one you're elected -- that is what he promised. as this debate continues to heat up and continues to escalate in
1:47 am
north carolina governor mccrory's pledge has been a unique question mark in this fight, will he or won't he? after much wondering whether the governor meant that promise? he said he will veto what his fellow republicans have been trying to race through the legislature. unless significant changes and clarifications are made addressing our concerns, governor mccory will veto the existing bill period. so there you go. settled. done. not going to happen, not exactly. later today, just hours after governor mccrory threatened to veto the bill, the republicans in the legislature adapted. they took a bill that had been about motorcycle safety and decided to turn it into a new abortion bill. they didn't tweak the motorcycle safety aspects of this bill, they tweaked it with enough anti-abortion changes to address
1:48 am
the governor's stated concerns leaving most of the other anti-abortion provisions in the bill in tact. the adjustments using the motorcycle bill, they happened so fast this morning, that the house judiciary committee was only made aware it was now an abortion bill three minutes before they convened to vote. democratic state representative stated at 10:26 p.m. said the public didn't know, i didn't even know. the committee did approve the motorcycle/abortion bill in a party line vote 10/5. it has to go to the full house. will governor pat mccrory veto this wolf in sheeps clothing of a bill that looks like a motorcycle bill but is really the anti-abortion bill. will they figure out a way to address his concerns but still jam new abortion restrictions through in we still do not know, but in north carolina, a state
1:49 am
where it looked like a forgone conclusion, that republicans would be able to rush through his stealth attack abortion ban, they would shut down access to the clinics in most of the state. things have at least slowed down for the time being. they are still moving and still uncertain. north carolina is proving to be a weird one. with our
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"name your price" tool, people pick a price
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and we help them find a policy that works for them. huh? also... we've been working on something very special. [ minions gasp, chuckle ] ohhh! ohhh! one day the world... no, the universe will have the pricing power they deserve. mouhahaha! mouhahaha! mouhahaha! ooh-hee-hee-hee! blaaaah! we'll work on it. wah-hah-hah! stopping at nothing to help you save. >> unless significant changes chart imitates life, at the end of this one you can take a picture of your tv screen, cut it out and tape it on your refrigerator, or get a magnet and put it up there indefinitely. here is what the republicans have done since the election in november. the great state of texas has 42 facility that provide abortions, among other health needs in the state. today, the state legislature voted on the matter, to close 42 of the clinics.
1:53 am
the bill moves to the senate, where they have the numbers to pass it too. under the republican governors this year it looks like the place where texas women can get an abortion will drop from 42, to 5. that is texas, in wisconsin, there are currently four facilities that provide abortions for women's health needs across the state. and republican governor scott walker signed into law the bill that republicans passed into the legislature there that is expected to close two of the four facilities. so under the republican governors, it looks like in wisconsin it will drop from four to two. in mississippi, there is only one facility in the state that provides abortions for women, among other health needs, last year, the republican governor phil bryant passed the bill by the legislature that would close the last remaining facility in the state. so in mississippi, it looks like
1:54 am
the number of places where women in mississippi can get an abortion will drop from one to none at all. there will be nowhere in the state where a woman can get an abortion. that is mississippi, in march, republican lawmakers passed a law designed to force one remaining clinic to be closed. so under republican matters, the place where women can get an abortion will drop from one to zero, that is north dakota, alabama, alabama has five facilities that provide abortions among other women's health needs across the state. in april, the republican governor of alabama signed a bill that would close three of the five facilities. so under republican governance, it looks like the number of places where a woman can get an abortion will drop from five to two.
1:55 am
in virginia, the number of clinics, in april after threats from the attorney general, the state board of health voted to pass the law passed by the republican legislature that is designed to close 16 of those 20 facilities. so under republican governance in virginia, looks like the places where a woman can get an abortion will drop from 20 to four. that is virginia, in ohio, there were 12 facilities that provided abortions for women's health needs across the state. but the republican governance this year it looks like the number of places where ohio women can get an abortion will drop from 12 to eight. that is ohio, in north carolina, there are currently 16 facilities that provide abortions among other women's health needs across the state. because of what the state has been going through in the state legislature in the past two
1:56 am
weeks, just today, the republicans sneaking the abortion language into a motorcycle safety bill. because of that maneuvering in the north carolina state legislature, 15 of the 16 clinics in the state are now in danger of closing. so under republican governance this year it looks like the places where women in north carolina can get an abortion will drop from 16 to one. that is just north carolina. we have been covering this state by state, as this has been happening this year. first in mississippi, then in north dakota, then in virginia, and almost everywhere where republicans have control. but if you stop looking at it per individual states, it is a pretty dramatic thing that is happening to american women right now. if instead of covering it state by state you put it all on the same map, look at what republicans have said just since the november elections. this covers the number of clinics where women can seek an abortion, in states where the republicans are in charge.
1:57 am
this was before the blitz this year. and this was after. we have been covering this state by state, but we never before looked at the overall impact. this is what republican governors and republican legislators have done across the country. all the trap laws that use state regulations to shut down the clinics, these are the impacts. you don't let anybody tell you that governing doesn't matter. where republicans have taken the reins of state power across the country, they have used it single mindedly to shut down the clinics just since the last election. and it is not like we didn't have a national fight in the last election, for their national subject, they picked a hard-liner ticket, a vice presidential contender who said he would force a rape victim to bear a child against their will. and a plan to end planned parenthood. he would cut off federal funding
1:58 am
for planned parenthood and end it. he said he would overturn roe versus wade. that is what he promised. the democrats stepped up their support for women's rights. president obama addressing planned parenthood directly. democrats running ads up and down the ticket, not just the presidential level, but the country. in the democratic general election races across the country, saying democrats should be the ones to defend women's rights and the abilities to decide their own pregnancies without the government. democrats warn that without a vote they would ban abortion in the country. >> if roe v wade, would you sign it? >> let me say it, i would be delighted to sign that bill. >> banning all abortions? >> i would be delighted to sign that bill. >> trying to mislead us. that is wrong. but then all abortions, only if you vote for him.
1:59 am
>> and it turns out even if you don't vote for him. because you know in the last election, in november 2012, which was not that long ago, mitt romney lost in a landslide, republicans lost the election really badly, they lost the white house really badly. they lost seats in the senate and house. nationally in the last election, republicans lost and democrats won. but, national is not everything. and if republicans are in control in your state, this is what they have decided to do with state governance now. since the election, that is what they have decided it is for now. if you live where the republican party is in control now right now, this is your life. i know it is not a beltway story, doesn't feel like a national story because nobody adds up what happens in the individual states to see how it affects american women and american rights and in an aggregate sense that is not how we do beltway reporting, but
2:00 am
this is of national significance on how it will affect women's health, lives, for generations to come. this is the national story. sto. "first look" is up next. good thursday morning. right now, on "first look," george zimmerman will not testify and soon his fate will be in the hands of 6 female jurors. mudslides from connecticut and dust storms in the west. country superstar randy travis suffers a stroke and is just out of surgery. plus, states fighting back against puppy mills. and a hit and run driver's frightening encounter with a stroller. good morning. the defense in the trial of george zimmerman rested its case late

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